The Originals Season 1 is a Triumph

The Originals Season 1 is a Triumph

The CW’s Vampire Diaries spin-off, The Originals has just completed it’s first season. Spin-offs do not usually inspire much confidence. But The Originals took a very unique approach to the spin-off. They ignore the fact that they were a spin-off! They don’t break continuity for the characters that moved over to the new show. And they do have one character, Tyler Lockwood, who is an on-again, off-again regular on The Vampire Diaries who has a minor story arc. But for the most part, you could watch The Originals Season 1 without having ever seen The Vampire Diaries and you wouldn’t be any the poorer for it.

The Originals is a triumph for it’s rich storytelling, extraordinary acting, and consistently inventive story lines. The creators of the show have created a unique world where vampires, witches, werewolves, and humans struggle for power and control of the French Quarter of the city of New Orleans. The heart of the show are the first of their kind vampires, the Mikaelson siblings. Klaus is the villain and occasional anti-hero and even on rare occasions a perverse sort of hero. But you will love him and love to watch him. Elijah Mikaelson has serious big brother syndrome, trying to corral his strong willed siblings into a loving and functional family. And little sister Rebekah just wants to be free of her controlling siblings.

As the struggle with each other, and struggle with all the powers of the city, The Originals are utterly compelling. It’s already available on DVD and you can even watch The Originals online.

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